Mergers & Acquisitions

Business portfolio optimizations

The global chemical and life science industry is subject to an ongoing adjustment process in which businesses are strategically reassessed. Companies are rearranging their own activities, selling off business areas with weak market positions and acquiring competitors. The goals are to strengthen one's own strategic position and market leadership, access to innovative technologies and focus on promising business areas.

Private equity companies that provide capital to enable companies to successfully develop or reposition competition structures play an important role in developing markets or consolidating competitive structures.

Based on its intensive market knowledge and industry expertise, ChemAdvice analyses the competitive positioning and future viability of companies and business areas in order to adequately assess the strategic opportunities and risks of M&A transactions.

As part of M&A processes, ChemAdvice offers the following consulting services on the buy side or on the sell side:

  • Commercial Due Diligences
  • Operational due diligences
  • Technical due diligences
  • ESG/Sustainability Due Diligences
  • Identification of suitable acquisition targets
  • Development of equity stories
  • Post Merger Integration.

Our services on the part of our customers enable them to

  • adequately assess the future viability of the intended acquisition targets and to identify opportunities and risks (buy side)
  • optimally positioning businesses or companies in the sales process (sell side)
  • identifying strategically suitable companies for an acquisition (M&A strategy)
  • integrate acquired businesses smoothly and to realize synergies and optimization potential (post-merger).

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