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Professional consulting by experienced managers and consultants with an extensive background in the Chemical and Life Science Industries

Since 2003, ChemAdvice has been providing Management Consulting with a clear focus on the Chemical and Life Science Industry as well as related industrial sectors. ChemAdvice's methodology combines industrial and implementation expertise of Senior Advisors with an international management background and the methodical competence of Senior Consultants from top management consulting firms. This unique concept allows ChemAdvice to offer client-specific consulting services from problem identification and conception through to realization and implementation.

Industrial Advisory
ChemAdvice consultant with customer
Top level leadership experience in international chemical companies:
  • Corporate and business strategies
  • Markets and products
  • Technologies and engineering
  • Competitors and business systems
  • Market environments and global trends
Focused experience
based recommendations
ChemAdvice consultants analyzing the situation
Methodical concept development and implementation:
  • State-of-the-art methods
  • Systematic analysis and conceptual development
  • Professional project management
  • Comprehensive industrial sector and consulting expertise
  • Involvement of clients' organization
  • Target-oriented implementation
Individual concepts
and implementation
ChemAdvice consultant analyzing business processes
Consulting with industrial expertise along the entire M&A cycle:
  • Identification and validation of investment options
  • Commercial and Technical Due Diligences (Buy-Side and Sell-Side)
  • Exit Strategies
Successful investment

"Best Consultancies" award

by brand eins magazine and Statista.
ChemAdvice was awarded again
by clients and colleagues
as one of the
"Best Consultancies 2021"
in the category "Chemicals & Pharma".

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