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Services: Supply Chain Recovery

We assist you to secure the chemical supply chains in volatile times.

Many chemical and life science companies are currently struggling to maintain or secure their supply chain. ChemAdvice is positioned to provide decisive support here and now minimize your company's supply risks. This is done by developing and implementing a flexible supply chain concept, which enables your company to gain new agility for new business scenarios.


The Supply Chain of chemical and life science companies is severely challenged.

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The ability to deliver is endangered by lacking key precursor products


Uncertain sales scenarios complicate business planning


The supply chain must become more efficient and agile


Digitization potential is not developed sufficiently

We have the solution for your
Supply Chain.


ChemAdvice offers:


Transparency in uncertain markets


Supply chain management in challenging situations


Development of concepts for the future


Realization of concepts

Our extensive expertise in the chemical industry and supply chain makes the difference.



In changing situations, we provide an overview of acute supply chain risks and provide answers: What is the availability of important precursor products? How does demand change in the short term? Are the distribution chains stable?

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Supply chain crisis management

With experienced experts we help you e.g. in the current pandemic to limit the risks for your company through operational management, to overcome delivery bottlenecks and to keep the organization running.


Concepts for the future

For the period after the crisis, we develop concepts for an efficient and agile supply chain that takes changing procurement and demand scenarios into account. Here, sourcing concepts will be adapted, demand and production planning processes optimized and digitalization pushed.

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Implementation of concepts

In reality, concepts for an efficient and agile supply chain need to be brought to success with concrete measures and consistent implementation management. You will emerge from the crisis stronger and be fit for the future!

Agile supply chain concepts for success
in a volatile environment.


Your advantages

1 Clarity about acute risks as the basis for targeted immediate measures
2 Preservation of short-term deliverability and liquidity
3 Securing customer relationships
4 Future viability through an agile supply chain that meets changing market scenarios
5 Efficient business processes
6 Sustainable implementation ensures competitive advantages
7 Convincing for investors and employees

With our supply chain recovery approach,
you will emerge from the crisis stronger and gain
sustainable advantages in a competitive environment.

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With a customized concept your supply chain will be stable and sourcing risks are secured with a catalogue of measures - even in a volatile environment. Efficient and digitized supply chain processes lead to increased transparency and competitiveness. As a result, your customer relationships will benefit.


Changed situations require
your decisive action.

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The current pandemic is challenging many companies in their existence.

Timely adjust your company to the changed environment.

Break out of your daily routine, optimize your normal processes and actively take the opportunity to achieve a sustainable adaptation.

We look forward to assist you.
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