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Consulting services, based on industrial expertise along the entire M&A cycle

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Different qualities of consulting services and competencies are required prior to and after company mergers and acquisitions. At an early stage, emphasis is placed on quick and meaningful preliminary assessments and selection of investment opportunities by experts with a profound industrial background.

A careful examination of the investment target within the scope of a Commercial, Operational, and Technical Due Diligence is an absolute prerequisite before a final investment decision can be made. Here, extensive knowledge of relevant business sectors and operating experience are key, as well as meaningful Due Diligence Reports.

Following completion of acquisitions, smooth integration of both companies, realization of synergies and growth potentials will gain top priority.

Financial investors will put particular emphasis also on a consistent exit strategy, taking all relevant options of the specific industrial sector into account.

Examples of ChemAdvice Projects
  • Industrial Advisory by industry experts
  • Commercial Due Diligences
  • Operational & Technical Due Diligences
  • Vendor Due Diligences
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Exit Strategy
  • Efficiency improvement programs

ChemAdvice M&A Services

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