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March 2021

ChemAdvice awarded repeatedly as one of the best consultancies in "Chemicals & Pharma"

ChemAdvice was again awarded in 2021 as "one of the best consultancies" in the category "Chemicals & Pharma" by the business magazine brand eins and by Statista. We are proud to receive this appreciation by our customers three times in a row in the course of the last years and would like to thank you for the trust and confidence you set in us.

We regard this recognition as a confirmation to go on with our specialized consulting offering focused on Chemicals and Life Sciences and driven by experienced senior consultants. With this unique approach, we are able to deliver effective results for our customers.

Chemical companies are increasingly challenged by the future requirements of climate change and sustainability resulting in changing ecosystems and regulatory influences. Beside risks, these disruptions offer various opportunities for those companies who actively deal with it.

At ChemAdvice, we offer strategic advisory and consulting services to support our clients in coping with these challenges and adapting their business approaches to achieve fitness for the future.

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July 2020

Market forces are driving the progress -
Life Science Innovation in Agriculture

ACATIS Value Conference (online), June 5th 2020, Dr. Lutz Krafft, Equity Partner ChemAdvice GmbH

Dr. Lutz Krafft is giving a lecture on development of agriculture and the impact of chemical and biotechnological innovations on productivity gain.

Despite of all yield increases, farmers get stuck in a difficult economic situation - caught between the oligopoly of global agronomical raw materials trade and global producers of fertilizers, pesticides and seeds. The market forces are driving the productivity progress with the result of lower prices and in some cases of inacceptable stress of the eco system.

Already today, innovations in genetics have a tremendous impact on global agriculture and will also in future fuel further productivity gains. Taking advantage of the crispr-technology, cheap genome sequencing, and metagenomics to utilize microbial diversity as well as artificial intelligence to analyze genetic information are seen as crucial drivers of innovation.

May 2020

Implications of Corona Crisis on Global Chemical Supply Chains and New Demand Scenarios

Dr. Kai Pflug, Shanghai, Senior Expert - Chemicals Markets & China, ChemAdvice GmbH

Note: This paper is a progression of an article published in the magazine CHEManager in April 2020.

Covid-19 will likely have a substantial impact on many strategic and operational issues of chemical companies. In particular, global chemical supply chains will be reevaluated, with the goal of reducing the risk resulting from reliance on single, often distant suppliers. Furthermore, Covid-19 may lead to demand shifts that need to be incorporated into the product planning of chemical companies.

Coronavirus Implication

May 2020

Need for action by chemical companies

Crisis management alone does not create a future

The corona crisis confronts companies with major challenges especially in the chemical and life science industries and forces them to act. Dr. Volker Schlüter, Managing Partner ChemAdvice GmbH, and Stefan Treiber, Managing Director candidus Management Consulting, recommend to not only react to the current situation, but to think beyond it.


Dr. Volker Schlüter is managing partner of ChemAdvice GmbH.


Stefan Treiber is the founding partner and managing director of "candidus management consulting"

April 2020

How chemical companies are now minimizing their supply chain risks and consequently taking advantage of market opportunities

Dr. Volker Schlüter, Managing Partner ChemAdvice GmbH

Currently, many companies in the chemical and life science industries are faced with special challenges due to the corona crisis. In addition to concerns about the health of their employees, the supply of the company with raw materials and intermediate products must be ensured. Furthermore, product sales projections on the demand side must also be reassessed. Therefore, it is now necessary to develop flexible action plans and to adapt to new business scenarios in an agile manner.

Supply Chain News

March 2020

ChemAdvice awarded again - in 2020 one of the best consultancies

In these difficult times, it is nevertheless a pleasure for us to inform you that ChemAdvice was again awarded in 2020 as "one of the best consultancies" in the category "Chemicals & Pharma" by the business magazine brand eins and by Statista. We would like to thank you for setting trust and confidence in us and we are looking forward to future cooperation.

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