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Team: Management

Broad industry
and consulting experience


The ChemAdvice Management offers a broad background from industry and as well from management consulting and has realized numerous consulting projects for industrial companies and financial investors

Dr. Arthur Steinmetz ChemAdvice Managing Partner
Dr. Arthur Steinmetz
Dr. Volker Schlüter ChemAdvice Managing Partner
Dr. Volker Schlüter
Dr. Volker Schlüter
Managing Partner

Process Engineer, 9 years of industry and more than 15 years of consulting experience.

  • Various consulting projects in chemical industry, life sciences and engineering
  • CEO of Triplan AG (engineering of chemical and pharmaceutical plants)
  • IPO of Triplan AG
  • Senior Project Manager Arthur D. Little (Chemicals Practice)
  • Plant Engineer with Bayer AG

Dr. Arthur Steinmetz
Managing Partner

Chemist with more than 30 years chemical industry and advisory experience, in particular in the segment food ingredients.

  • CEO Nutrinova GmbH and member Corporate Executive Council Celanese Corp.
  • President BU Food Ingredients Hoechst
  • Strategic Planning Hoechst
  • Commercial Director Riedel-de-Haën

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