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Services: Industrial Advisory

Target-orientated analysis and recommendations provided by experienced Industrial Advisors

ChemAdvice consultant with customer

In its business segment Industrial Advisory, ChemAdvice offers individual counseling and coaching of owners, investors, and managing directors by its Senior Advisors. Our consulting services are based on extensive industrial and management experience and profound knowledge in specific industrial sectors. Selective and discreet market research activities may support the decision-making process as needed.

This approach will typically be chosen when confidential analyses and recommendations are requested or when, as a first step towards an assessment, a limited use of resources at such an early stage are called for.

This approach results in sound evaluations and analyses based on extensive expertise with short lead times which lead to feasible recommendations and sustainable solutions.

Examples of ChemAdvice Projects
  • Plausibility checks
  • Strategic policy decisions
  • Identification of investment opportunities
  • Evaluation of potential investment and acquisition targets
  • Experience-based assessment of risks and opportunities
  • Selective analysis of weaknesses and business threats

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